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February 16, 2013
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                                   You're mine now
                         chapter one. Well, you know who i am

Your head is pounding as you start to come to, your eyes start to clear and you see is black, You notice you're tied to what feels like a chair, you feel your jaws sore, forced apart by a rubber ball. You struggle in your restrains "Oh you're awake" a low voice growls from the darkness you look around frantically, you mumble into the dark void trying to form words through your gag. You hear the flick of a light switch as bright light floods your eyes; you close them for a second as they adjust to the lighting change. As you open them and just as your eyes start to readjust they widen in terror, bodies hung like meat in a slaughterhouse their entrails poured from their torn stomachs, bruises covered their bodies and broken bones tear through mangled flesh on some of start to breathe heavily as you take in the horrific scene you start to notice a cold liquid under your feet you look to see a dark red stain your toes, you the start to thrash around in your restraints wildly "A little different in person than behind a screen isn't it?" the same voice you heard before.

You turn your head to the side, there in the corner of the room you see a man you could barely make out his face since most of his long black hair covered it. "How rude of me, allow me to give you a proper introduction my name is Jeffrey" with that the man brushed his hair out of his face, pale skin, eyes bordered with black and a carved smile, oh you knew him, this is the same man you saw on those shock sites, the man who plagued your dreams, the man who fueled your nightmares, the man who inspired you writings, your drawings, your poems, your fears. Oh yes you knew him very well, "but you may call me Jeff if you wish,how about you tell me your name" he took the gag out of your mouth "I know you" you say no louder than a whisper. "Why of course you do, I just introduced myself did i not" he chuckled slightly, you hung your head and sighed knowing you're going to die "i might as well be polite" you thought to yourself "I'm (your name)" you say in a weak voice, just then you hear a weak moan.

You look to see (insert bully's name) the girl who bullied you all through school "It looks like your little friend is up". Jeff walked over to the girl she hung on a wall with leather straps that held her firmly in an X shape "where the fuck am I, who the fuck are you" she yelled at lifted his head to show his face to the girl , (bully's name) spat in his face with disgust "Let me go you gross freak", Jeff grabbed her jaw forcefully "look here little girl I don't think you're in a place to make demands" (bully's name) thrashed around wildly in her restrains, with Jeff still holding her face firm. Jeff then punched her in the mouth breaking her jaw, warm tears flowed down the girls face as she let out a gurgled scream "Now that your mouth is taken care of I won't have to worry about getting herpes on a gag" you snicker to yourself, Jeff turns to face you "What's so funny, I'm just starting". He reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife, he then took the girls face and placed the blade in her mouth to one side of her cheek and slid the blade up into a curve, creating a mock smile similar to his.

(bully's name) tried to scream through her broken jaw and mutilated cheek,after he was done with the first side to quickly went to the next anxious to see her mumble in pain through her he finished with the other side he step to the side to show you, as you stare at the girls face a surge of satisfaction and pleasure rushed through your had felt like you took a strong hit of ecstasy, Jeff noticing you enjoying watching the girl mumble in pain through her freshly cut flesh became intrigued. "hmm" Jeff thought to himself "usually they're screaming or crying by now; but this chick looks like she just smoked something good, maybe I should step up my game". Almost impulsively Jeff grabbed the girl's arm and broke it, a deafening screech emerged from the girls throat.A slight moan escaped your lips "what the hell" you thought to yourself a small blush creeped across your face; Jeff looked at you in confusion "the hell is up with this chick,then again it would be fun to toy with her more".

Jeff firmly gripped his knife and turn his attention back to the girl; he gripped the bottom part of her shirt and pulled it up to under her breast,placing the tip of his knife just above her pant-line. Slowly pressing the knife in Jeff made sure to take his time penetrating the girls flesh; unable to scream the girl just let out gurgled whispers; the girl looked broken trying to mumble her last words through her barely moving lips,and god did you feel great; seeing her helpless and bound against the wall just made you feel amazing. with the knife almost all the way in (bully's name's) stomach Jeff started to slide the knife up easily slicing through her flesh; he reached into his new incision pulling out her sight was surprisingly bearable unlike the smell, you could tell the bodies had been there for a while and the scent of rotted flesh and the rust of the meat hooks they hung on pierced your nostrils.

You just looked at the girl now dead; her face twisted into a permanent state of agony for the rest of eternity you were now coming down from your high,goosebumps covered your skin as you noticed how cold it was; Jeff walked over to you blood-soaked knife in hand, he grabbed you by your hair and put the tip the blade to your lips "lick it" he said. You were hesitant at first but after her gripped you hair tighter and pushed the blade in slightly,you obeyed licking the crimson metallic tasting fluid off the sleek razor-sharp blade "that's a good girl" he said stroking your blood had a strong, sweet metallic taste to it and you enjoyed it every last drop; once the blade was licked clean Jeff quickly pulled the blade from your mouth cutting you lower lip causing you to whimper in pain "what a good little pet" he said putting down the knife right beside you on the crouched down in front of you meeting you eye to eye "Killing someone so submissive like you would be a waste." he cupped your face, his thumb stroking your bottom lip spreading the blood from your wound like lip gloss. "I think it would be more fun if I let you live." and with that he kissed you.
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I don't always read Jeff reader inserts, but when I do there awesome like this one

Is it bad that I be watching it and at some time say "Well, that's hot."? (shit what has the internet done to me!)

Suki-ai-chan Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm intristing. To de honest I wood lmao if this hapined to my bullys Spirit Tracks Link And Zelda 
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