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March 29, 2013
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You're mine now
chapter seven.Freedom?
You walked down the sketchy streets of the downtown area, it wasn’t as scary as your mother had made it out to be yet it wasn’t as safe as the sleepy-suburbs you were used to and you weren't naive enough to let your guard down.Your feet eventually grew sore, so you sit on a nearby bench.You pulled out your Ipod to check the time 4:30 “jeeze” you thought to yourself, you sure can lose track of time when you're listening to music.You sat there for awhile watching people walk in and out of shops going about their business and you start to zone out.
A hand on your shoulder snaps you out of your trance “are you okay?” you turn to face a man, he looked about twenty-two “Y-yea i'm fine” he smiles “mind if I sit with you?”.You think about it for a second “he looks safe enough” you thought to yourself “not at all” you reply.
He sat down beside you “you look kinda sad, you sure you’re okay?” you look at the ground and sigh “no, not really” he leaned back casually “I’m assuming thats why you're out here” you start to grow suspicious out of his concern “Y-yea, why do you care?” “I see a lot of kids like you out here, i’m Nick by the way” he reached out to shake your hand “i’m (your name)”. “so what's wrong” it was refreshing to see a friendly face maybe a “normal” conversation with someone would help you through the crazy shit you’ve been experiencing the last couple day “bitch of a mother, I just had to get away from it all” “and how is running away from your problems going to fix them?” “It’s not well, not entirely if i would've stayed it would’ve gotten worse”.
He put his hand on your shoulder “I know a shelter near here, I could take you to it and get you off the streets” you smile at him maybe this was a silver lining of some-sort “I’d like that, thank you” “no problem kiddo” you and nick stand up “my car is not too far from here, follow me” you follow Nick, you notice you get further and further away from the crowds of people and start to head to a more secluded area.You feel a huge knot in your stomach as if to tell you something is wrong “run, wait no don't run you’re being paranoid he seems nice.....right?” you think to yourself as your heart began to pound.You finally arrived at his car, nobody but you and nick “RUN YOU IDIOT” the voice in the back of your head shouted at you, natural instinct finally kicked in, you tried to run but Nick grabbed you by your hair and threw you to the pavement. “PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!” you screamed “go ahead and scream hun, nobody can hear you, i’ll even scream with you SOMEBODY HELP!” Nick kicked you in the head.You retracted in pain trying to cover your head in order to protect yourself, nick pulled you up by the hood of your jacket choking you; he threw a pillow case over your head and threw you in the trunk of his car.
You started to cry “oh my god, i'm gonna’ die” you thought to yourself: the drive seemed to last forever until the car finally came to a stop and the hood of the trunk popped open. “damn, this ones got a nice little body on her, I can’t wait for the initiation” a weird scratchy voice said “yea yea just wait till we see her face,then we’ll see how cute she is but body alone she’ll sell” a low dopey voice said.A hand pulled you from your leg out of the trunk dragging you against the hard ground.You were pulled for a while until the person who was dragging you stopped and flipped you over so your back was facing up.He straddled you and put your hands behind your back; he tied them together with cheap rope that chafed your skin, he took the pillow case off your face.You were in a house similar to that of a drug-den, ratty furniture, dirty yellow walls with torn wallpaper and the smell of cat-piss pierced your nostrils.Nick stood before you “(your name) these are my friends” “this is mike” he pointed to the guy on his right, he was a short guy about the size of (bully’s boyfriend) and was slightly scrawny, he cracked you a yellow semi-missing tooth grin. “and this is John” he pointed to the guy on his left, he was tall and slightly overweight with a massive amount of body hair from what you could see.Nick picked you up by your hair and dragged you into a room down some stairs throwing you on a ratty old mattress. We’ll be down for your little initiation soon, so get comfy with that he walked back upstairs and slammed the door. “HELP ME, SOMEBODY PLEASE” you screamed “there’s no use in screaming” a voice said from behind you; you turn your head to see a girl she looked a bit younger than you and had torn clothes and greasy red hair with bruises covered her exposed skin. “w-who are you?” you ask scared out your mind “my name is christa,I’ve been put on watch” you were confused “where am I, what’s watch?”. “you're at a brothel and watch is what they put you on if you don’t please the customers, they throw you  down here and “teach you” but, you’re here for your initiation so they’ll be somewhat merciful”. You rolled around and tried to grab onto something  trying to get to your feet, while rolling around you fell a large piece of  glass cut your hand slightly “fuck” you curse.You just then realized it, you had something sharp in your reach to cut the rope.You pull the shard out of your hand and place it in between your binds, you then rolled over and layed on your back.You grinded against the floor trying to cut through the rope, while your jacket was some-sort of protection it still hurt like hell.Finally with the glass almost scraping the floor and you almost free you hear foot-steps from upstairs.It sounded like more than Nick and his friends, it sounded like there were about six or seven men up there and from what you could tell they sounded like they were disscousing prices.The rope finally broke freeing you; you then went to untie christa when she spoke “dont” she said in a weak voice, you looked at her confused “wait what, dont you want to be free from this hell-hole i could help you and you could live a nice life an-” she stopped you mid-sentence “It’s no use the police already stopped looking for me, and im too far gone in this kind of life i would never be able to live a normal one, please just kill me”.You looked her with pitty in your eyes “but but you could-” she cut you off again “please just stab me in the heart or the eye or just something to kill me quick and with minimal pain please i dont want to live anymore” just then the ‘itch’ came back “come on do it, kill an innocent girl” it rang “oh no you thought, just go away” “DO IT” it shouted “please just hurry and end this” the girl said sobbing histaricly, you then took the shard of glass and stabbed her in the heart then in the eye killing her instantly.
You heard walking from upstairs, it was approaching the door fast “shit, shit, shit” you thought to yourself your heart was racing and you started to panic.You start to look around to try and figure out how to escape, you look around then you see it, a storm window slightly higher than jumping could get you and you start to smile. you look around some more to find somthing to reach the window a small box resides in the corner; you walk over to the corner and grab the box you then put it under the window and climbed up.You tried to force the window open, it was locked “shit” you thought, the hopeful smile now off your face.You hop off the box “looks like I’ll have to just break the window and bolt it.You start to look around again for something to break the window with, after looking for a second you just about had looked everywhere except behind the girl you sighed “looks like i have to” you say to yourself.You walk over to the girls body and moved it to the side there sketched in what looked like blood on the wall a suicide note, the blood was dried and it had looked like it had been there awhile “poor christa” you thought to yourself; you looked down and the floor behind her there laid a big rock with little sharper rocks surrounding it.You looked at the small rocks and then looked at christa, you notice her arms are covered in scars you could only assume she had tried to commit suicide before but failed due to the rocks being so dull.For now you had to focus on escaping, you took the big rock and carried it to the window and with one big hit you broke through; glass shards flying in all directions, you picked up the biggest shard at your feet and put it in your pocket.You heard the door being kicked down and you hopped through the now open window and ran down an alleyway.From what you could hear someone was still chasing you; you looked around at your surroundings the place you were in seemed familiar but you tried to disregard that feeling and kept running.You ran left and right turning into alleyways constantly but the footsteps still kept up with you slowly getting closer and closer and finally they were right behind you thats when Nick wrapped his arms around you tackling you to the ground “got you now” he said angrily and pinned you down by your shoulders.
“now you’re gonna get it you little bitch” he put his hand around your neck and started to choke you when you felt the itch again “hey dumbass, you might wanna use that glass now” the voice said harshly; you felt for the large glass shard in your pocket, your vision began to blur and the lack of oxygen became unbearable.You finally grabbed a hold of the shard and stabbed him in the neck, Nick immediately let go and held his neck as he started to choke on his own blood.You coughed and caught your breath, you then stood up and walked over to him.You kicked him in the face repeatedly as hard as you could, you started to giggle more and more with each kick. “ok thats enough” the voice said “now finish him” you gripped the glass tighter and plunged it into his eye socket with a final blow.You looked at his body and start to laugh maniacally and shake violently “oh god I-I-I d-did it hahahahahahaha” you laugh for a while until you start to feel out of breath.
You lean against a wall and catch your breath “ha shit” you think to yourself “how am I gonna hide the body” you look around for a place to hide the body and you see a dumpster. “looks like it’ll have to do” you mutter; you drag Nick by his foot over to the dumpster, you lift up the top, pick up the body and toss it in.You then close the top and look at your hands.fresh blood spread across them, you could feel the blood on your jacket but since it was black the blood didn’t show.You walk over to a nearby puddle of rainwater and wash your hands and face, after you were finished you started  out of the alleyway, you didn’t know where you were going or where you were, all you knew is that it was cold and you wanted to go home.
You finally could see a streetlight leading out to a nearby road and decide to just follow the road from there.Once you started walking down the street you noticed why it seemed familiar it was the same path Jeff took when he brought you home.Memories flooded back as you remember his strong arms wrapped around you and the smell of his hoodie; you smiled that was something only Jeff could do, even with the hole you felt suck everything out you felt something when you thought of or were around jeff.It was a strange feeling you didn’t know what it was, you just knew it was there and you liked it there;you wanted to keep it there.You continued walking, you could finally see your house with the window still open.You arrive in your house and crawl inside the window, just then you hear the flick of a light switch and your room-light tured on “I’ve been waiting for you” a voice said in a slighly agressive tone.You turn your head expecting the worse but all you see is Jeff folding his arms looking annoyed.            
ok guys finally got done at *checks clock* 1:16 am 0.0 ok i need rest any way hope you enjoy
ps. yes there will be more and you masochists will get your punishment soon ;)
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